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Closed next week 10/08/18

Quick update I'm closed next week 13th August. I'm taking bookings for the 20th so get in touch asap via text, whatsapp, email, phone!

Running season 17/7/18

I think its safe to say the running season is starting to kick off. If you're planning DCM you would want to be kicking off your plan in the next few days. I'd encourage anyone doing a lot of training either running or weights etc to ensure they get some soft tissue work to help fatigue and prevent injury also your final session I would suggest no sooner than a week before your event as it can leave you fatigued. Good luck in whatever event you are taking part in!

Closed Thursday 5th July and Friday 6th July 3/7/18

Just a note that I am closed this Thursday and Friday the 5th and 6th July. If you would like a slot for next week please give me a text or whatsapp. Enjoy the sun!

Closed most of next week 20/4/18

Closed for most of next week, small bit of availability for Friday 27th April otherwise it will be the week of the 30th. Enjoy the sun!

Good Friday & Opening hours

I will be open good friday as normal so please book well in advance if you want an appointment. I will also be cuttng back my hours for the next few months and evening slots will no longer be available. I hope to offer this service again in the near future.

Christmas hours 17/12/17

Hi All,
I'll be closed Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Stephens day. The week commencing 18th December will be very busy so I suggest booking in asap. Please drop me a text or a WhatsApp with the day and times that you can attend 0860790468. Thanks and Happy Christmas!

Closed until Saturday 4th November 28/10/17

I'll be closed for a few days and back Saturday 4th November. If you require an appointment for next week please just drop me a text or a whatsapp with the day and time you want and I'll confirm your appointment.

Training from 3rd to 11th Aug 31/7/17

Just a note I am closed for some extra training Thursday 3rd of August and open again on the 11th of August. This week is fairly full already for I'd suggest booking early for when I am back open again.

Closed Saturday 1st July 28/6/17

Please note I am closed Saturday 1st July as I will be attending the Clontarf Half Marathon

Fathers day 31/05/17

Fathers Day is fast approaching, why not get him a voucher and stop him complaining about that back, shoulder or neck! Its better than socks :)

Closed Saturday 22nd April 20/04/17

Sorry I'm closed again this Saturday 22nd April. Back Monday so book early to avoid disappointment.

Full until Monday 29/03/17

Sorry but I am full with bookings this week so if you are looking for me I will have plenty of availabilty from Monday 3rd April

Saturday 25th March 23/03/17

Just a note that the clinic will be closed this weekend, if you need an appointment let me know asap otherwise it will have to be Monday.

Saturday 4th March 02/03/17

Very little availability Saturday but if you want an appointment in the morning let me know asap!

Closed 8th and 9th Feb 03/02/17

Advanced notice the clinic is closed on Wednesday 8th February and I'm back on Friday 10th.

Booked up 22/12/16

Hi All,
I'm fully booked now so if you want me in 2016 I am back on the 27th!

Christmas Hours 14/12/16

Hi All!
Please note I will be closed on the 23rd, 24th, 25th & 26th of December. I will be open again all the way up to new years and closed again on New year's day.
If I don't see you before then have a great Christmas!

Closed this Friday and Saturday 5/12/16

Hi All,
Please note the clinic will be closed this Friday and Saturday however I have 2 slots left for Sunday afternoon if anyone wants them.
Also, please remember gift vouchers are available online and in the clinic!


Christmas GIft Vouchers 15/11/16

That time of year is coming again so when you looking for a gift remember gift vouchers can be bought online via the services tab. You will then recevied a printable voucher via email or arrange to come into the clinic to collect it!

IMDA & Marathon 22/9/16

Hi All,

Fund raising went very well for the Dublin Marathon and we raised a total of €1369.81 which is amazing so thank you all very much. The race went very well and I managed to finish in 3:26. Bit sore so if you done the race also ensure you rest up until all the aches are gone and ease yourself back into running again once you feel good.

Closed most of Saturday 22/9/16

Just a reminder the clinic will be closed most of Saturday due to the Dublin Half Marathon.
Best of luck to everyone taking part and ensure you get cardiac screening done before an event like this to prevent another tragedy this year. Remember it doesn't matter how fit or young you are.

IMNDA Fundraising 3/9/16

Hi all! Thanks again for the donations online and via the clinic! This weekend will be a weekend off which is needed to keep everything in good shape. I have clocked 308.08km since setting up this fundraiser so everything is going well. Back with a big run next weekend and the Dublin Half Marathon the weekend after, looking to set a new PB of Sub 1:32.
More donations of any size are welcome, just click here!

Closed from the 4th July 25/06/2016

Just an early warning that the clinic will be closed from Monday 4th July and back Friday 15th July.

Closed Saturday 4th June 03/06/2016

Sorry but I will be closed Satruday 4th June. I will be back on the Sunday however so drop me a text if you are looking for an appointment for then!

Muscle Pain? 25/04/2016

Have you got shoulder and neck pain? Perhaps lower back pain from sitting in a car all day or being over a desk? Give me a call so you no longer have to live with it.

Or perhaps you are into fitness and have a race coming up? Call in for a high quality deep tissue massage for your legs or shoulders. This will help keep you loose and injury free!

See my testimonial section for real reviews from real people, you can also see more on Facebook and

This weekend 22/04/2016

Good luck to everyone this Sunday at the Maynooth Ten Km Run!  I'll be at it as always so the clinic will be closed Sunday morning and it will also be closed early on Saturday so call asap if you want an appointment.

Saturday 9th April 05/04/2016

I'm closed early this Saturday so if you are looking for an appointment let me know asap

Anniversary 01/04/2016

I'm open a year today so I'd like to thank everyone for coming to see me over the last 12 months. And yes I did open on April fools day!

Easter 25/03/2016

Closed from this afternoon and back again on Monday! Be sure to get out and move while the sun is shining, only 5 weeks until the Maynooth10k

Make hay (while the sun shines) 23/02/2016

Great bit of sun shine lately, make sure you get out and be active. Outdoor exercise with fresh air will clear your mind helping to destress you which will in turn keep you from developing neck and shoulder problems and keeping yourself active will help the core and legs to keep loose.

Dont forget the Maynooth 10k is also coming up in late April, its a great family event so check it out!

New year fitness 04/01/2016

Christmas is over and it's that time of year when we all decide to get fit. Remember to ease into it especially in this cold weather...warm up before your workout stretch after it!

Opening times during Christmas 11/12/2015

I just want to confirm to everyone that I will be closing on December 24th and open again on the 29th December. Have a good Christmas!

Christmas Stress? 04/12/2015

Christmas stress giving you shoulder and neck pain? Book in and get it sorted or get a gift voucher for someone you know! (see services section for Gift Vouchers)

Gift Vouchers 18/11/2015

Give the gift of a pain free 2016 with a gift voucher for The Muscle Therapist. You can get these online via the services tab...easy!

Reviews 10/11/2015

Another thank you to everyone who has left me feedback on facebook, WhatClinic 5 star and of course this website. It means alot to me and I hope anyone thinking of coming has read them and when you visit I hope you leave feedback also!

Prevention & Cure 04/11/2015

Are you working in an office and find you have to keep moving your position due to back pain? Always ensure you are sitting correctly like in this may take some time to feel the results but keep at it.
Also make sure you book in (or give a gift voucher) to get yourself fixed now...prevention and cure!




Dublin Marathon...done? 27/10/2015

Well done to all who completed the Dublin Marathon, it was a very difficult race this year so give your self a clap on the back and book in for a Deep Tissue Massage to help you recover!

Dublin Marathon 21/10/2015

Know someone doing the Dublin Marathon? Book them a deep tissue massage to aid recovery and help with those leg aches.

You can also buy a gift voucher Facebook or on services tab of my website!

The clinic will also be closed on Monday 26th October as I will be doing the race.

Gift Voucher 28/09/2015

Hi All,

With Christmas approaching and allot of people getting tired of trying to get a friend or family member to come to me to get that pain in the lower back, shoulder or neck sorted you can now buy a gift voucher online which will then be posted out to you. So you now have no excuse not to get that ache sorted once and for all!

Just go into the services tab and click buy now or you can always book in online using the button at the top right. This option is not available on handheld devices though.

See you soon!

Ineck 28/09/2015

Anyone getting Ineck? just remember to lift your phone up to your eye level and don't bend your head down to your phone....yes that's why you can feel that pain in the back of your neck/head!

Dont forget if you are using a desktop/laptop you can book online using the button at the top of this page!

3 treatments ONLY €125! 15/09/2015

Hi All
Just a reminder this offer is still on as below! 

To celebrate the Dublin Marathon I am introducing a special offer of 3 treatments for only €125!
This is aimed at everyone and anyone who has some sort of pain or perhaps for runners who want to avail of a treatment every month in the run up to the Marathon to help keep the injury free.

Have you got an on-going issue with lower back pain or perhaps neck pain? Then you can also avail of this offer and book in for some Physical Therapy.

Perhaps you do a lot of sport and need maintenance? No problem just book your 3 sports/deep tissue massages to keep yourself flexible and injury free!

Also! You will not be limited to just 3 treatments; you can book 6 for €250 if you wanted to.

*T&C cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, all treatments must be used by 31st October 2015, treatments cannot be transferred to other people.

Open again! 29/08/2015

Hi All,

Just confirming the clinic is back open again and next week is filling up fast so book early!


Clinic Closed 20/08/2015

Hi All,

The clinic will be closed from Saturday 22nd August to Saturday 29th August. If you need anything before Saturday best book ASAP as Friday is filling up!

See you soon!

Lower back pain? 12/08/2015

Hi All,

I'm seeing loads of lower back pain these days and a lot of it is caused by bad habits. Sitting badly in the office, car, at home or probably the more common one for parents if lifting without bending you knees. I know when you here lift with your knees you think "ye ye sure sure". But changing this one thing can make a big difference especially if you are picking up a child. The main culprit I find when it comes to lower back pain is your QL (quadratus lumborum). It’s what pulls you up when you bend over from the waist and its working hard. Check out the image below so see how it comes off the pelvis and onto the spine and ribs....

You can foam roll it a bit but its not great or use a tennis ball which is more direct but nothing beats a bit of manual therapy at The Muscle Therapist!



3 treatments ONLY €125! 01/08/2015

Hi All, happy August!

To celebrate the Dublin Marathon I am introducing a special offer of 3 treatments for only €125!
This is aimed at everyone and anyone who has some sort of pain or perhaps for runners who want to avail of a treatment every month in the run up to the Marathon to help keep the injury free.

Have you got an on-going issue with lower back pain or perhaps neck pain? Then you can also avail of this offer and book in for some Physical Therapy.

Perhaps you do a lot of sport and need maintenance? No problem just book your 3 sports/deep tissue massages to keep yourself flexible and injury free!

Also! You will not be limited to just 3 treatments; you can book 6 for €250 if you wanted to.

*T&C cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, all treatments must be used by 31st October 2015, treatments cannot be transferred to other people.

Glenroyal Gym Discount Ending Soon! 20/07/2015

Less than two weeks left for Glenroyal Gym members to avail the 10% discount!

Use your Glenroyal Gym Discount 10/07/2015

If you looking to avail of the Maynooth Gym discount you should book as soon as you can as my schedule is filling up fast.

Glenroyal Gym Discount 24/06/2015

I'm bringing back the Glenroyal Gym discount until the end of July 2015. So thats 10% off meaning its only €45 a treatment....yes its amazing value! please ensure you bring your gym tag with you to get this discount and note it cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

See you soon!


Opening times 15/06/2015

Just a reminder to anyone on my page that I am open late in the evenings and all weekend. I will always do my best to facilitate you for when you need an appointment. Just call, text , whatsapp or email for an appointment!


Dublin Marathon 03/06/2015

If your planning on a Dublin Marathon you should be in your second week of training. If your going to wing of luck:) As you near the longer runs sore and heavy legs will become a regular thing. Some deep tissue work will go along way as you approach October in preventing injuries and keeping you flexible.
I'll try run some specials in the run up to the pun intended:)


race bibs

Leaflets and Maynooth 10k Discounts 29/05/2015

Hi All,

Just a reminder if you have a leaflet it will expire this weekend and also the Maynooth 10k discount will expire this weekend also. Please remember to leave me feedback to avail of a 10% discount off your next visit and to give your friends and family the discount card you will have recevied.

Hoping to run some more offers in the coming weeks but my rates are very competitive at all times based on the quality of the treatment you will receive.

Hope to you see soon. 

Maynooth 10k 17/05/2015

Great race today and well run as usual. New PB despite the extra hills and strong winds! Bib 3234 with a time of 42:27.

Maynooth 10K 12/05/2015

Maynooth 10K is this Sunday, the route has changed but it has no major differences. I'll be running a 10% off for all participants and 20% for those who beat me! 

*Race number must be produced to avail of discount, offer only valid for one treatment, offer valid for the month of May only. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Leaflets & GAA 7/05/2015

The leaflets will have all landed now unless you have a no junk mail sign or a vicious dog that the delivery guys didnt like!

On GAA news whitehall lost to Kilmacud Crokes which was a great game and tested crokes to the last minute to their own admission. The final score was 13-5 which was excellent since crokes are div 1 and we are div3! 

Fitness & Opening times 28/04/2015

With the weather taking a bad turn there is still no excuse not to get out and move. If you dont fancy braving the streets however I do recomend getting a TRX kit or finding some local classes in your gym. Great results once you push all exercise its not magic and the more you put into the more you will get out of it!

Also just a reminder I am open 7 days a week and I open late in the evenings to facilitate you. Just ensure you make an appointment!

Flyers 22/04/2015

If your in the Maynooth area you will soon find leaflets landing with a 20% saving! They will expire at the end of May though so dont hang about!

Glenroyal Gym Discount & Gaa 12/04/2015

I am offering a 20% discount to all Glenroyal Gym Members for the month of April. Please bring along your gym entry tag to avail of this discount. *Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

In other news Whitehall had a great game yesterday but were very unfortunate not to come away with the win. Still a good start to the season and we are getting better and better.

See you soon.

New site 8/4/2015

Hi All
As you can see the new site is up and running thanks the Steven Kontra of There is alot of content to be updated from the old page so I hope to have it updated in the next few days and maybe with a few photos! Anyway I hope your all keeping active on yet another great spring day.

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